Ever been at the coffee shop and wonder if your colleagues want something? Anyrun allows you to contact your whole team and take their orders live.

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Awesome Features

The core idea is not the only thing that makes an app stand out; perfecting the features makes all the difference.

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    One thumb navigation

    Because you’ll probably be on the go while using anyrun, we designed the app to be usable with only one thumb.

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    Beautiful Photos

    The category backgrounds show beautiful photos of the product to make the app stand out.

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    Fluid Notification

    The app uses a fluid notification system to let users communicate.

  • Categories for any kind of run

    You can manage categories for everything you want to make a run for. From complex things like lunch to easy ones as coffee or wine, the choice is yours.

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  • Create as many groups as you want

    There’s no limit to the groups you can make
    Office, Friends, School, Party.
    You name it!

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  • Super easy to use

    We think that everybody should be able to use anyrun. That's why we simplified it at its core - we are sure to please everybody who uses it.

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